George Floyd case: policeman Derek Chauvin convicted, a victory for Black America

Last Tuesday was a good day, Ice Cube would say. Policeman Derek Chauvin, responsible for George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis in May 2020, was convicted and sentenced to prison this week after months of protest and trouble that have been shaking America and the whole world since the case was known. Guilty of murder, the former policeman, forty-five years old, will know the duration of his sentence on June 16th, but he should spend the next few years in prison, and this is a good thing.

Black Lives Matter did mean something. The conviction of the White man, and we say White because this is a case of racism here, was much more than a simple condemnation in a country that wishes to find peace again after the recent trouble people had to cope with. The list of White policemen killing Black citizens was getting longer and longer, and so few were being punished, making it difficult to understand and quite sickening in a country that used to be the land of the Melting Pot. Derek Chauvin’s conviction shows that crime will not remain unpunished, and that people cannot do whatever they want to. We are not in the old times any longer, and we cannot have people killed for any reason, for silly reasons like a phony bill.

The struggle is not over nonetheless, and things will not get back to normal as simply as this. If Joe Biden, the president of the United States, reacted and showed his support to George Floyd’s relatives after the conviction of the policeman, there are few chances that aggressions against minorities will stop overnight. It would be naïve to think so, in a world where you can get threatened or harmed if you post something that do not appeal to people on Facebook or Twitter.



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