Focus on Melayci: when the celebration of Black beauties becomes palpable

As vaccination against the coronavirus disease starts to spread all over the world, with more and more vaccinated people each day, making it possible to reach the collective immunity and perhaps the end of a worldwide crisis that began one year and a half ago, time has come to get ready for the sunny days as well. 

Summer holidays, travelling authorizations, bars and restaurants opening again in some European countries: making oneself beautiful is a habit that we tended to lose and that we must find again! No worries, we have a brand that could be the perfect fit for you.

Melayci is a cosmetics brand that was launched in October 2019 by Kelly Carmen Njike, a combination of the words “melanin” and “legacy” to highlight the importance of Black heritage and its declination in the everyday life, especially in beauty and aesthetics. The promise of the brand is to celebrate the beauty of black and matt skins in the French cosmetics industry, where it can sometimes be difficult for the minorities to find some space.

Melayci is currently developing and proposing cosmetics through the collection “My Blossom”: the main products are the lipsticks and the lip pencils, even though you can find some special offers, gifts, or accessories on the website too. 

The five lipsticks of the collection guarantee you both comfort and elegance. Composed of magnolia barks, the collection “My Blossom” allows you to choose between many shades, a diversity that is depicted in the names of the lipsticks as a precept (I’m proud, I’m confident, I’m positive, I’m joyful, I’m grateful).

The wood packaging will make a difference as well, and gives the lipstick a unique design where colors and shades are in perfect harmony, making it almost difficult not to contemplate it before using it for your next party.

Visit to start your summer in the most glamorous way.


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