World Cup 2022 Qualifiers: one last step before Qatar

All over the world, teams are struggling to get the precious ticket to go to the upcoming World Cup of football in Qatar, that will take place in one year from now on. If many squads are already sure of participating to the final tournament, some others are still waiting for the ultimate decision that will be given in March 2022 with the playoffs.

In Europe, nations like Portugal, Italy (the winner of Euro 2020) and Sweden will have to play some playoffs they would have enjoy not to be part of. While France, Holland, Spain or England managed to do the job and logically got qualified for Qatar, it is not the case of every favorite team and the games of next March promise to be very interesting to watch. In Africa too, we will have the right to attend a playoffs session!

After the round of last week, we now know the ten African contenders that will be facing up to each other in March for the last step before the World Cup: they have been split into two different groups related to their FIFA ranking.

The first group will be composed of Senegal, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Nigeria. The second group will host Egypt, Cameroon, RD Congo, Ghana and Mali. Practically all the expected teams are here, except for Ivory Coast, whose confrontation against Cameroon ended up in the worst way with a short defeat (1-0) that prevents the Elephants from attending a World Cup for the second time consecutively after 2018. South Africa, who organized the first World Cup ever in Africa in 2010, will stay at home as well.

The drawing lots for the African playoffs will be held in Doha on December 18. And in a few weeks, the five ones will be known at last.


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