Yodé & Siro in Paris for a little bit of Ivorian zouglou !

The worldwide pandemic made it hard for artists to go on tour and see their fans all over the world over the last two years that we have been living (that we have not been living as well), but things are changing little by little and this is for the biggest happiness of music lovers. Even with a mask (FFP2 or chirurgical, up to you), attending a musical show is always better like that than watching it on YouTube.

For all the Ivorian diaspora in France who is crazy about zouglou, this African music born in Ivory Coast in the beginning of the nineties, the concert Yodé et Siro gave in Paris on March 11 was the opportunity to feel very good. The show was not only about the two legends of zouglou, and the festivities hosted other artists to last until the end of the night. 

For the people who cannot always go back to their homeland, such events sound like relief and recollections. Too few occasions, some will say, but things are slowly coming back to normal after two years of difficulties (and the crisis of the coronavirus disease is not done yet) and hopefully it should go on like that: more concerts, more shows all over the planet no matter where you are!

A little too optimistic, but things have to begin somewhere. In a close future, we should be able to see the music we love for real instead of listening to it on Spotify, especially for all those who do not have the opportunity to travel at the moment due to sanitary or economic reasons.

Back to Abidjan, the two singers will continue to defend their brand new studio album “Héritage” and satisfy their fans, who will surely spend the upcoming summertime dancing on the newest tracks of Yodé et Siro.


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